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Glossaly of IBJ

IBJ Marriage & Life Design Support Company
Arranged marriage meetings​
Meeting place for single men and women who wish to get married; at IBJ, when arranged marriage meetings is successful, a relationship begins with the assumption of marriage, and after a successful marriage proposal, the couple is married.
Person who supports single men and women who wish to get married by guiding them to marriage.
A counselor is assigned to each member of IBJ Members to provide detailed support, including planning activities such as the ideal partner, views on marriage, and when they want to get married, arranging a date and setting up a location for Arranged marriage meetings, helping with dating procedures and proposing marriage, and guiding members toward marriage.
Person who conducts sales to single men and women who wish to get married to enroll in a directly managed agency .
Marriage rate
Percentage of members who left IBJ Members within a certain period of time who left after successfully marrying.
Case of IBJ Members Marriage rate 54%
IBJ system
Platform that connects directly managed agency (IBJ Members, ZWEI, Sanmarie) and affiliate lounges throughout Japan in a single network. With approximately 3,800 marriage agencies and 84,000 registered members, it is one of the largest dating agency networks in Japan.
Affiliate lounges
Affiliate lounges that is a member of the IBJ system. Marriage agencies are scattered not only in urban areas (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya) but also throughout Japan. There are two types of marriage agency: those owned by sole proprietors (retired couples, sub contractors, etc.) and those owned by corporate enterprises (hotels, wedding halls, etc.).
Marriage fee
200,000 yen per person as a success fee for marriages at IBJ’s directly managed agency. When members of directly managed agency get married, the marriage fees become IBJ’s sales, but when members of member affiliate lounges each other, they become the sales of the respective member Affiliate lounges.
Directly managed agency
Directly managed agency operated by IBJ, with three brands – IBJ Members, ZWEI, and Saint-Marie – currently operating 75 agencies (as of June 30, 2023), mainly in metropolitan areas. The company also provides the know-how and methods that lead to successful marriages to its member affiliate lounges, which are spread throughout Japan.
Method school
Training for those who have opened a marriage agency. The curriculum includes how to attract members using IBJ’s unique methods and know-how cultivated over many years and how to provide support leading to marriage.
Number of arranged marriage meeting members
One of the KPIs targeted by IBJ in its mid-term management plan.Number of members registered with affiliate lounges, IBJ Members, Sanmarie, and ZWEI marriage agencies. (As of the end of 2022: 91,000)
Number of matching members
One of the KPIs targeted by IBJ in its mid-term management plan.refers to the number of members who have a log-in history within 1 year of the number of registered members in PARTY☆ PARTY, IBJ Gohan Date + Bridal Net, and the number of paying members of youbride at the end of the fiscal year (As of the end of 2022:161,000) .
Marriage Hunting Service
A service that helps people meet for the purpose of marriage.The services used differ depending on the purpose of use and the seriousness of the user’s desire to get married. There are three main categories: matching applications, marriage activity parties, and marriage agencies.
Life Design Service
This service is mainly for couples who got married through IBJ.The company provides services needed at each stage of life after marriage, and currently offers wedding and ring business, hobby and community business, real estate business, insurance business, and photo studio business as services.