Business Model

Business Activities

IBJ Marriage & Life Design Support Company

A Wide Array of Marriage-Hunting Services to Connect People Linked by "Go-En (Fate)"

As a company helping its customers to design enriching lives, we provide support for connecting people linked by fate through a variety of activities.

Marriage-Hunting Network

Bridal NetBridal Net

Meet using a PC or smartphone
13,000 people start relationships every month.
The only marriage-hunting website in the industry to publish its results.

Number of people couple in a month

About 20,000

*Calculations based on the number of people who made connections in 2017 results.

Marriage-Hunting Events


Meet at matchmaking get-togethers and community gatherings
A Percentage of perticipants in their 20s and early 30s is 70.6%(2016 results).
A service that holds 1,200 marriage-hunting events a month.

People attended monthly


*Calculated based on 2017 results.


Meet at marriage-hunting parties
A service that holds 3,000 marriage-hunting parties a month.

People attended monthly


*Calculated based on 2017 results.

Marriage Consulting Agencies

IBJ MembersIBJ Members

Meet through arranged marriage meetings
A marriage-hunting lounge with a 51.5% or higher marriage rate among its members.

Average dating time leading to marriage

10.5 months

*Major course achievements in half a year from July to December 2017

Institution Bridal of JapanInstitution Bridal of Japan

Connecting people linked by fate
22,000 arranged marriage meetings a month
The Marriage Consulting Federation has roughly 60,000 members.

People married yearly

About 9,375

*Calculated based on 2017 results.

Overseas Business


Full-scale entry into the marriage-hunting party industry in Taiwan
IBJ formed joint venture "IBT" in April 2014 with Sunfun Info, the sole listed marriage-hunting company in Taiwan with more than five million members.