Investor Relations

Competitive Advantages

IBJ Marriage & Life Design Support Company

Leveraging comprehensive strengths in
supporting a range of marriage-hunting activities

To differentiate itself from competitors, IBJ leverages its full range of marriage-hunting services
and unique business model comprised of systems supporting these services.

Unique Business Model

To Increase Married Couples IBJ Focuses on Success,
and Increases Number of Affiliate Consulting Agencies.

1.Current IBJ’s Strength – Know-how that IBJ Provides

Consulting Agency management does not incur costs

  • Labour costs

  • Advertising costs

  • Rent

This is a system that makes it possible to start at low cost and recover the agency opening funds

2.Current IBJ’s Strength – Arranged Marriage Meeting System

The industry standard OS (Operation System)

IBJ’s system of arranged marriage meetings makes it possible to conduct a member search,
correspond, and manage members’ interaction status, and activates members’ activities

  • [1.Member search]

  • [2.Activity status]

  • [3.Chat function]

  • [4.Interaction management]

Doccuments required the time of joining

  • Doccument to certify the person’s identity
  • Certificate toprove that the person is single
  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of income
  • Certificate of graduation
  • Certificate of qualification
  • Photo

Members can join in activities without worrying,
and members are very serious

3.Current IBJ’s Strength – Methods that IBJ Provides

Training based on IBJ’s unique methods

Method I Attraction of customers / marketing
Method II Promotion of joining
Method III First counselling
Method IV Interaction management

Building of a go-between network (crowd)

  • IBJ Summit

  • Regular meetings

  • Brunch system​

These increase the diffusion of the IBJ methods among go-betweens
and loyalty to the Japan Marriage Consulting Federation