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IBJ Marriage & Life Design Support Company

  To solve Japan’s social problems of declining birthrate leading to declining population , by placing a great importance on the marriage system, IBJ wants to contribute directly to the solution by creating married couples.

 Japan’s total births outside of marriage outside marriage is just about 2.3%, lowest among the developed countries which indicates that higher number of marriages lead to higher birthrates.

  IBJ provides composite service, and the Japan Marriage Consulting Federation (IBJ Matchmaking System) operated by IBJ has about 3,653 Affiliated agencies, 74 directly managed agencies, and more than 91,000 registered members and the largest marriage agency networks in Japan.

 In addition, by spreading the marriage consulting know-how cultivated over 20 years since its establishment at directly managed marriage-hunting lounge to affiliates, the number of married couples produced by IBJ in the year 2022 will be 11,921 (about 2.4% of the annual number of married couples in Japan).

IBJ Group supports members’ marriage with its
industry-largest network and outstanding knowledge