About IBJ

QWhich exchange is the Company listed on?

AWe are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.

Q When were your stocks listed?

AWe were listed on the JASDAQ (Standard) market in December 2012, moved to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in July 2015, and to the Prime Market in April 2022.

QWhat is the company’s history?

APlease refer to our Company History.

Q What is the origin of IBJ’s name?

AIt stands for IT Bridal network of Japan.

QWhat kind of services do you provide?

AThe IBJ Group provides customers with marriage matchmaking support and life design services.
Please refer to Services for details.

QWhat are your Company’s strategies?

APlease refer to the IR Library for more information.

About results briefing, finances, and schedules

QWhen is your fiscal year-end?

AIt is on the last day of December.

QI would like to know your annual schedule for financial results announcements.

APlease refer to the IR Calendar.

QI would like to obtain information on your Company’s performance.

APlease refer to Business Performance and Financial Highlights.

QI wish to see your latest financial results.

APlease refer to the IR Library.

About stocks

QWhat is your securities code?

AIt is 6071.

QWho is the shareholder registry administrator?

AIt is Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
Please refer to the Company Profile for details.

QWhat is the current share price?