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Contributing to the community

Our fundamental philosophy

As a leading company in the marriage-hunting industry, we are working toward our mission to solve serious social issues in Japan (depopulation, declining birthrates, an aging population and an increase in the number of unmarried people). To this end, we use our proprietary system that uses an IT platform alongside hands-on services with a uniquely human touch to provide multifaceted services tailored to our customers’ individual lifestyles and their current phase in marriage-hunting. We believe that there is a strong social significance in catering to the marriage-hunting needs of rural areas that have particularly serious challenges in depopulation, an increase in the number of unmarried people and declining birthrates. As such, we collaborate with local companies, banks and governments to revitalize the marriage-hunting business in these areas.

List of Community Outreach

Activity category Activities Activities/expected impact/results
public awareness campaign
National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Japan Advancement of working women’s social status and improvement and maintenance of their working environment (promotion of women’s participation in the workforce, recognizing that the work and social environments should enable women to demonstrate their abilities in society)
Japan Marriage Introduction Council The Council aims to establish order in the marriage matchmaking market, strive for its sound growth, and create as many happy marriages as possible. The industry is united in its business efforts to improve its credibility, create an environment that is more accessible to those wishing to get married, and contribute to solving the challenges posed by the declining birthrates and aging population.
Marriage Matchmaking Support Consortium A talk session was held on the theme of Beyond Marriage Matchmaking with experts invited from various fields, including Governor Koike of Tokyo, Haruaki Deguchi of Lifenet Insurance, and Hinae Niori, representative of the student organization manma, to discuss solutions to the problem of declining birthrates and the tendency to stay unmarried.
Papa-Mama-Kids Marriage Matchmaking We support single mothers and fathers in their activities at our marriage consulting agencies and offer marriage matchmaking opportunities which may be attended with their children, aiming to create good matches and build new families naturally, wishing for the children’s and their parents’ happiness.
Collaboration with Business Partners Providing marriage matchmaking services in collaboration with local banks to support business successions As part of the support for stabilizing client companies’ business, we collaborate to promote the search for prospective marriage partners for business owners and successors. The collaboration reduces the number of small and medium-sized enterprises forced out of business due to the inability to pass on their technology and know-how, revitalizing rural areas and solving the problem of depopulation.
Business Partnership with a Life Insurance Company In supporting marriage matchmaking, we will provide value that contributes not only to “security” but also to “asset building and succession,” “health and medical care,” and “connection and bonds” as a “partner for life,” thereby enhancing corporate value on a sustainable basis.