Eco-Friendly Business Management

IBJ Marriage & Life Design Support Company

Environmental Policies and Management

Basic Approach

The deterioration of the global environment is a critical issue the effects of which will extend to future generations. The world is now facing a plethora of crises of utmost urgency, including climate change, and various actions are accelerating to solve the problems, while demands are increasing for corporate management to be more environmentally conscious.
Under the management philosophy of “Bringing happiness to all the people who share a connection,” we are working to address the issue of declining birthrates to create the next generation to lead the future and ensure a stable generational transition. For us, the future generations born out of our marriage matchmaking business are our stakeholders who have “made a match” with us, and we must keep the global environment in a sound state for their happiness.
Eco-friendly business operations are vital management challenges for our Company. We will continue to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, conserve energy, and work toward a sustainable society.

Eco-Efficiency of Operations

Basic Approach

The Company has begun building a system to incorporate an environmentally conscious perspective into a series of activities aimed at raising and sharing environmental awareness throughout the Group and improving the efficiency of operations conducted within the Group.
Specifically, we aim to simultaneously achieve operational efficiency, cost reduction, and environmental impact reduction by reducing power consumption, paper consumption, and implementing 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) promotion activities in conjunction with activities aimed at improving labor productivity, such as reviewing workflow and changing work shifts.

Initiatives Operational efficiency Cost reduction Environmental impact reduction
Changing work shifts Shorter working hours through reduced overtime Reduction in electricity bills through reduced overtime Prevention of climate change through reduced electricity consumption
Going paperless Reduction of working hours through reduction of copy making tasks, etc. Reduction of expenses through reduced paper use Conservation of forest resources through reduced paper use
Installation of LED lights Cost reduction through reduced electricity bills Prevention of climate change through reduced electricity consumption

Environmental Impact in the Office

Basic Approach

In our daily business activities, we are striving for effective use of resources and reduction of waste by promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), such as reducing power consumption by controlling air conditioning temperature and installing LED lights, and reducing paper consumption by using tablets and laptops, digitizing documents, installing large monitors in meeting rooms, and transferring internal procedures online, and separating the waste into 15 categories. We will continue to use limited resources with care and promote various feasible initiatives in our businesses toward a recycling-oriented society.