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Management Philosophy & Code of Conduct

IBJ Marriage & Life Design Support Company

Management Philosophy

Bringing happiness to all the people who share a connection

Bringing happiness to all the peoplelinked by "Go-En(fate)"

In addition to our connections with the customers who use our services, we cherish the connections we have with our staff members, their families, and everyone involved in providing our services.

We are proud of our business, which creates connections and enriches people’s lives through IBJ services.

Code of Conduct

Our credo reflects our desire as a company to provide services that garner top customer satisfaction.

  • We take pride in providing customers with a foundational sense of joy and happiness.
  • We maintain a lasting appreciation for our colleagues. This is why we must sometimes be strict.
  • We seek excellence in both IT and the services we provide.
  • We see change as necessary for growth and constantly tackle new challenges.
  • We continue working to expand our knowledge out of a rich curiosity and desire to be an appealing company.
  • We call things how we see them, believing conflict can provide good solutions.
  • We hone our strengths, communicate our weaknesses to one another, and work as a team.