Business Model

Business Activities

IBJ Marriage & Life Design Support Company

A Wide Array of Marriage-Hunting Services to Connect People Linked by "Go-En (Fate)"

As a company helping its customers to design enriching lives, we provide support for connecting people linked by fate through a variety of activities.

Marriage-Hunting Network

Bridal NetBridal Net

Meet using a PC or smartphone
10,000 people start relationships every month.
The only marriage-hunting website in the industry to publish its results.

Percentage of members who make a connection within 3 months

About 50%

*Calculations based on the number of people who made connections in May 2014

Marriage-Hunting Events


Meet at matchmaking get-togethers and community gatherings
A service that hosts matchmaking get-togethers and community gatherings attended by 7,000 people a month.

Percentage of people in their 20s and early 30s


*Calculated based on the age of registered members as of July 2014


Meet at marriage-hunting parties
A service that holds 1,000 marriage-hunting parties a month.

Average full capacity rate

About 85%

*Calculated based on 2013 results

Marriage Consulting Agencies

IBJ MembersIBJ Members

Meet through arranged marriage meetings
A marriage-hunting lounge with a 50% or higher marriage rate among its members.

Average dating time leading to marriage

9.3 months

*Average dating time until cancellation of membership due to marriage by 2013 VIP and platinum club members

Institution Bridal of JapanInstitution Bridal of Japan

Connecting people linked by fate
20,000 arranged marriage meetings a month
The Marriage Consulting Federation has roughly 58,000 members.

People married yearly

About 3,900

*Calculated based on 2014 results

Overseas Business


Full-scale entry into the marriage-hunting party industry in Taiwan
IBJ formed joint venture "IBT" in April 2014 with Sunfun Info, the sole listed marriage-hunting company in Taiwan with more than five million members.