Environment & Social Action Initiatives

IBJ Marriage & Life Design Support Company

Social role we can play as a company who creates personal connections

As a means to contribute to the environment and conduct social action programs in ways that only IBJ can, the company employs a three-pronged approach that focuses on the environment, information dissemination, and system provision.

Kon-Katsu Symposium

As a member of the Kon-Katsu Support Consortium, which provides marriage-hunting support as a measure to address declining birth rates, IBJ helps organize Kon-Katsu Symposium events.

The first symposium, held in June 2015, looked at the companies helping to address the growing social problems posed by declining birth and marriage rates. The event, which included special talks given by four prominent instructors invited to speak, met with a great response.

IBJ Kon-Katsu Institute

"IBJ Kon-Katsu Institute" (Kon-Katsu means marriage hunting) was established upon reflection of what services can additionally be provided by IBJ, a premier marriage-hunting service company.

Leveraging an IBJ strength—extensive expertise in attracting website visitors—the company collects up-to-date information on single men and women. As a leading company in the industry, we provide information that is accurate and timely through efforts that include conducting marriage opinion surveys and analyzing lifestyle trends.

Green Site License

As a means of social action achievable only by a life design company, IBJ engages in PR activities for the Green Site License service, which seeks to reduce CO2 through collaboration with member consultation sites.

One broad-leaved tree planted now will have reduced 150 to 200 kg of CO2 after 10 years.

With the hopes that this effort, though humble, may contribute in some small way to preventing global warming, we provide support for tree-planting activities in Africa and Asia.
Through this small PR activity, we hope to get more trees planted and help reduce CO2 levels around the world.