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Business Strategies

Deploying Measures for Further Growth in and outside Japan

To achieve further growth domestically and overseas, we are taking uniquely IBJ measures that leverage our comprehensive strengths. We are also concentrating on shareholder-focused management.

Strategies for Japan

3 strategies for expanding the market

A part of the 4 trillion yen wedding market, the marriage-hunting market is estimated to be worth 1.05 trillion yen.

Leveraging a full range of marriage-hunting services and armed with its business platform, IBJ works to turn many of privately-conducted marriage-hunting activities into paid services by cooperating with national policies and enhancing initiatives aimed at improving marriage-hunting awareness while enhancing the appeal of its services.

Through these efforts, we will promote market growth in Japan.

Cooperating with national policies
The only company to establish cooperation with national and local governments as a corporate policy

A Minister of State for Measures for Declining Birthrate was established in 2007 as a national policy, and 2013 saw the creation of the Caucus for the Promotion of Marriage Hunting and Community Gatherings and the "fund to weather the nation’s low birthrate crisis,” which has received 3 billion yen in funding for a year.

IBJ has for some time been working with national and local governments on initiatives such as providing marriage-hunting support services in collaboration with local governments and handling all marriage-hunting support services for the KKR (Federation of National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Associations).

Improving marriage-hunting awareness
Organizing marriage-hunting symposiums

Major corporations such as Rakuten, Recruit Holdings, and Aeon have entered the market, driving up awareness for marriage-hunting services.

IBJ has played the lead role in a number of efforts that include establishing the IBJ Institute, which surveys and researches matters related to marriage hunting, and forming the Marriage-Hunting Support Consortium, which features involvement by many top companies in industries peripheral to the marriage market. Through hosting marriage-hunting symposiums and other such efforts, we work to improve marriage-hunting awareness.

Enhancing service appeal
Reinforcing our vaunted platform and deploying it throughout the organization

Taking advantage of our business platform, which consists of management expertise and systems for providing services, we offer a full range of marriage-hunting services. Going forward, we will focus on enhancing this platform while developing new services and deploying them throughout the organization.

Strategies for Overseas Markets

Bringing our online and offline comprehensive marriage-hunting services overseas

Just like Japan, many countries and regions of the world are struggling with low marriage rates, late marriage, and declining birth rates. In the coming years, these countries and regions will begin to turn their attention to the importance of marriage-hunting services as provided by IBJ as a means to address these social problems.

As the only company offering customers unique expertise that allows for a full range of online and offline marriage-hunting services, we are focused on overseas business expansion as one of our growth strategies.

With our current business in Taiwan as a springboard, we will focus on bringing our services to other parts of Asia.

Bringing services to Asia

Management indicator

Emphasis on return on equity (ROE)

IBJ recognizes the importance of return on equity (ROE) as a management indicator.

Having seen steady growth in terms of both sales and profits, the focus going forward will be on maintaining both growth potential and strong earnings capability while improving ROE.

With regards to profit sharing, we will be emphasizing shareholder return and improving the payout ratio.

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