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Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Innovation and tireless effort towards growing the marriage-hunting market

IBJ was the first in Japan to launch an online marriage-hunting service, and has since begun offering offline services as well. With a unique business model that offers a full range of marriage-hunting services, IBJ has cemented a place for marriage-hunting culture in the world.

To address the problem of Japan's low birth and marriage rates, the national government and local governments are allocating funds to marriage-hunting projects. Favorable conditions for marriage-hunting business make future market growth likely. This is why there is an increasing need for the services IBJ provides.

By continuing to innovate and tirelessly work towards our objectives, we will bring new value to the world while continuing to be a company that makes a difference in society.

Leveraging the expertise we developed in Japan, we have established a base in Taiwan from which to expand into high-growth overseas markets, which will likely soon face the same issues Japan is now confronting.

Shigeru Ishizaka, CEO & Representative Director

IBJ, Inc.
Shigeru Ishizaka, CEO

Message from COO

Creating an Always Evolving Marriage-Hunting Platform

Since its founding, IBJ has followed its management philosophy of "bringing happiness to people linked by Go-En (fate),” working to help as many couples as possible get married. Through these efforts, we have strived to create new value for people in married life, family life, and other areas of life design.

Utilizing our own marriage-hunting platform, we operate and provide a comprehensive lineup of both online and off-line marriage-hunting services—services without peer in or outside Japan.

With a staggering about 65,000 registered marriage hunters—more than any other company in Japan—and our growing chain of about 2,500 franchise shops, we have helped the many people who use our services to find their way to marriage.

The next step involves further developing our platform to give us an advantage in markets poised for further growth. This will mean training the people who will provide these services and investing resources into a system that makes the most of their ability to develop new services. Taking advantage of this platform, we will bolster efforts to improve cooperation with national policies and enhance marriage awareness with an eye to growing member and married couple numbers and achieving further business growth.

Tetsuhiro Nakamoto, Executive Vice President & Representative Director

IBJ, Inc.
Tetsuhiro Nakamoto, COO

Tetsuhiro Nakamoto, Executive Vice President & Representative Director

The two executives are also judo practitioners.

The two of us believe strongly in our motto, onkochishin, which can be roughly translated as “learning from the past.” It means cherishing culture as it was in the good old days while bringing about new things.